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24 September 2012 @ 01:50 pm
I am completely knackered, somehow lying about rewatching supersizers and the I.T. Crowd (I wish there were fewer hilarious male rape jokes in the I.T. crowd (i.e. none) but it’s still awesome. I realised I have missed a trick by not rewatching Supersizers in chronological order based on what period they are eating.


Rob and Gemma linked to the above article on FB, it’s a bit weird that the person writing it seems to think they invented nice guy syndrome BUT it’s a really interesting article. One thing I would say (An ex used to not want to watch Peep Show with me because it would be shameful for him as a man having MEN’S MOTIVATION in a lady’s face like that or something, because ladies are not all about getting some sex or something.) is that I am not sure Mark is peculiarly male, the reason Peep Show is so hard to watch is because most people have had those thoughts at some time or other even if they, in their hearts, know it’s bullshit to hope you’re winning at life.

I now own some berets and some very snuggly leggings after a Primark shopping trip with my Mum. I can start hibernating now, right?